Pipes Connect Game

You are given a grid of pipes of different shapes. The aim of the game is to connect all the pipes together, without loops and free ends. Play the game now.

You may connect the pipes by rotating the pieces only. See the pictures below to see what a new game and its finished state look like.

start finish

Playing the game

Play the game now. Currently the game works well only for desktop computers with a mouse.

Board size

The images above have a board size of 8 × 8. If you think that it is too easy, you can increase the board size. The board size can be as large as 100 × 100.

Known issues

  1. The board does not show if video memory is not enough. A workaround is to reduce the tile size (e.g. from “Large (64×64)” to “Small (32×32)”).
  2. The game is not handling touch events properly. (Therefore it cannot be played with a touch screen.)

(Note: A work-in-progress is being created to address the problems. Currently it is too early to release anything.)

Source files

Click here to see the source.

Inspired from

  • Pipes (J2ME) (This is the version I played with my Nokia phone daily until the phone is replaced.)

  • Another less advanced HTML + JavaScript version the same game. I am unable to find the link at the time of writing. (Disappeared from the internet?)

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