Graph Paper Plotter

Sample graph papers

A program that creates rectangular and isometric graph papers (see above) in EMF format. The graph papers can be pasted into Microsoft Word for making lesson notes.

The samples above are the “line” version of the papers. There is another “dot” version of each type of paper, designed for black and white photocopying.


Using the program

  1. Download the binary.

  2. Unzip the file. (Use PeaZip to decompress the file.)

  3. Open GraphPaper.exe (.NET Framework 4 required. If necessary, you can download .NET Framework 4 here.)

  4. In “Type of Paper”, select one of the given types.

  5. Modify the options if desired.

  6. Click “Save to Clipboard”.

  7. Paste in Microsoft Word or LibreOffice.

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