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Note: a keyboard is required to play the game.


Resize canvas Lock/hide mouse pointer    



  • Left Player: A, S, D, X
  • Right Player: (in numeric keypad) Left, Centre, Right, Down. Make sure that NUM LOCK is ON!
  • Quit Game: ESC (Crashes the game. Refresh page to play again.)

Not During a Game

  Left Player Right Player
Level A Left
Difficulty D Centre
Start Game S Right
High Score X Down

During a Game

  Left Player Right Player
Move Left A Left
Move Right D Centre
Cycle Jewels S Right
Drop X Down

Entering Name for High Score

  Left Player Right Player
Previous Letter A Left
Next Letter D Centre
A → B → C → … S Right
C → B → A → … X Down

Pressing “Next Letter” at the third letter finishes high score input.