Beam Game (updated)

This is a Nibbles type game for two to four players. Each player controls a moving beam that can turn left or right, and a trail is left behind when the beam moves. Players navigate the beams avoid crashing into other beams and the border. The lone surviving player wins the game.

Play in browser

Click here to play the game in the browser. A keyboard is required to play the game.

This is made possible by em-dosbox by Boris Gjenero, DOSBox and Emscripten.

Downloading the game

Running the game

Download the binary, and run BEAM.EXE in DosBox. (Note: If the program does not exit properly, press Ctrl + F9 to close DosBox.)

Follow the in-game instruction (see the screenshot) to play the game.

About the game and its development

This was an attempt at the end of 1996 to create a game using Pascal. QuickPascal was chosen as the platform because it’s graphics capability is superior to Turbo Pascal.


Bananatron (1989) by Thomas G. Hanlin III: This game is a QuickPascal port of the game above.

TPMusic (1990) by J.C. Kessels: music with a BASIC PLAY statement syntax.